Bacon and Eggs in a Bag!

Interesting video by Assistant Editor Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan of Backpacker Magazine. Learn how to cook a bacon and eggs meal in a paper bag while backpacking! Great for over-night treks, especially since you don’t even need a stove! Enjoy!


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  2. That’s awesome – I had bacon and eggs in a bag as I was trekking in Peru. Comes in handy!


  3. In Peru? Fantastic! Glad to hear a visitor had a good experience with it! I’ve tried it as well on a camping trip and enjoyed it as well! Thanks for the comment!


  4. I wrote on a backpacking forum about cooking in paper (you can even boil water in a waxed paper container) and the silence was amazing. If you want to go light, for just a few days, you can leave the pots at home. Soup, tea, the bacon and eggs thing, even baking food in a buried fire (wrap food in paper, slather it with mud). I read about it in a book on ninjutsu, tried it myself and it works.


  5. I didn’t know that is possible. Thanks you posting it here. Anything handy strikes me so I will definite try this next time.


  6. I never would have attempted to make this dish this way, a very eye-opening video!


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