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Wilderness Cooking

Hey fellow backpackers!

I just found another awesome resource for backpacking recipes: Wilderness Cooking. It has a bunch of recipes any backpacker can make easily for their trek. I’m talked to the owner, and she is a true outdoorsman. She has created all the recipes herself and has even published a backcountry cookbook. Be sure to check out! Thanks you guys!


Wild Backpacker

Thanks everyone who has been following the Backpacking Recipes and Cooking Tips blog! It is great to see all of your comments and see you guys coming back!

As you may know, Backpacking Recipes and Cooking Tips is the cooking blog for Outdoor High Adventure – well, not for long. We will still keep the blog up and running, but we are currently transitioning from Outdoor High Adventure to our new and improved website,! It is a great resource for any backpacker or hiker with all the information they could want in one easy place. We are working on adding even more backpacking recipes and cooking tips, and now encouraging visitors to submit their own recipes. Head on over there and let us know what you think! The address is If you love it, share it with your friends and family! We love seeing more and more users visiting our website, and hope to have a smooth transition to our new website. If you have any links on your own blogs or sites, make sure you update them!

Wild Backpacker

Thanks again for all your support and loyalty to the Backpacking Recipes and Cooking Tips blog, and we hope you will check out the rest of the information we have over at!

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Happy Holidays and Blog Updates

happy-holidaysHappy Holidays from the Backpacking Recipes and Food Tips blog! Hope you enjoy it! Our blog is still growing and it has a new design! Give us your feedback on the blog and be sure to share it with your friends using the GetSocial tools at the bottom of each post! Thanks and Happy Holidays. See you on the trail!

Welcome to Backpacking Recipes!

Welcome to Backpacking Recipes!. This blog is dedicated to bringing you quality recipes that you can use while backpacking or hiking, or even camping!

Recipes are separated into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Other recipes, and we also have Cooking Tips and other useful information for cooking while backpacking! Explore the site, post comments, and even submit your own favorite recipe! See you on the trail!

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