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Reader-Submitted Recipes

Queets Valley Shepherd's Pie

Backpacker Magazine has an article out featuring recipes submitted by their readers. This is a great article for other readers to see what kind of recipes come from actual backpackers, not just random outdoor blogs like

TOP CHEFS: READER-SUBMITTED RECIPES has a list of five recipes, including the pictured Queets Valley Shepherd’s Pie, that you may want to try out yourself. Take a look at their article,, and let us know what you think! See you on the trail!


Bacon and Eggs in a Bag!

Interesting video by Assistant Editor Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan of Backpacker Magazine. Learn how to cook a bacon and eggs meal in a paper bag while backpacking! Great for over-night treks, especially since you don’t even need a stove! Enjoy!