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Understanding Energy Bars

Understand energy bars and compare the top energy bar brands

Energy bars come in all different tastes, textures, and types. Although many base energy bars around taste, there are other aspects of the nutrition and purpose of each bar that should help you make the decision of what bar to use. Different ingredients produce different results for activities like backpacking and hiking. Choosing the correct bar for your activity is vital to keep you going and your energy up.

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Types of Energy Bars

Activity Bars
Similar to endurance bars, activity bars focus on prolonging energy. However, they tend to focus on all-day outdoor activities that require both energy and some meal-replacement nutritional features. Clif Bar is perhaps the most prevalent bar in this category. Outdoor bars, Clif Bar included, often focus on organic ingredients and have crunchier, more granola, textures. Activity bars are the best energy sources while backpacking and hiking.

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Energy Bar Tests and Comparisons

There are hundred of energy bars out there claiming to be the best. Here is a short list of some of the best ones and basic information on them so that you don’t have to chew your way through them all to compare them yourself! Enjoy!

Pemmican Fruit and Nut

The moist, homemade quality of this cake-like treat makes it a favorite. Made with soy flour, malted corn, and barley, and sweetened with honey and grape juice, the bar contains a whopping 58 grams of carbohydrates and 16 grams of protein, enough for two power-packed snack breaks or lunch. Some claim this bar to be the best all-around energy bar. Other flavor available: Carob-Cocoa.

Size: 106 g
Calories: 420
Price: $1.39

Clif Builder’s, Chocolate

This crispy bar is liked for its 20 grams of protein, thick coat of chocolate frosting, and crunchy cocoa crisps. Made with soy protein and organic and natural ingredients, the bar also packs 23 vitamins and minerals into a filling snack or breakfast that gave us several steady hours of energy on the trail. Although, a downside is that it’ll melt in hot weather. Other flavors available: Peanut Butter and Cookies ‘n Cream.

Size: 68 g
Calories: 270
Price: $1.89
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