Learn the Art of Winter Cooking

Backpacker Magazine recently came out with a collection of articles to help backpackers “learn the art of winter cooking.” Although the articles were short, they had some great information that may just save your butt while winter camping.

Illustration by Supercorn

The first article, “Bring the Right Cooking Gear,” gives a few valuable tips about which type of stove to bring, how much fuel you might need, and the nutritional requirements for your body in the cold. Article two gives instructions on building a camp kitchen and even provides steps to dig out your own underground kitchen in the snow! Backpacker goes on to provide two quick passages about using your camp kitchen and different ways of melting snow which are good reads. In addition to a beneficial write-up of instructions to plan a healthy winter meal, they provide readers with two delectable recipes for “Pumpkin Spice Toddy and Wintermint” as well as the interestingly named “Molly’s Kickin’ Mac and Cheese.” These recipes and articles will make any backpacker a gourmet winter cook and truly teaches you the art of winter cooking.


LEARN THE ART OF WINTER COOKING by David Schmidt – Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2010

For more information, check out Winter & Cold Weather Backpacking at Wild Backpacker.



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  1. Posted by john on May 2, 2011 at 9:03 am

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  2. My favorite hiking time is in the fall…haven’t ventured out much in the winter


  3. Thanks for sharing, these tips will get in use very soon…


  4. Those were great tips. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. thanks for tips…..


  6. thank you..i received a lot of information about many recipes from yoour website..keep writing and may god bless u


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